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About Mike Desrochers


My Background

During a thirty-five year career as professional wilderness adventure guide and educator, I drew inspiration and energy from the natural environment.

A lifelong fascination with living history and an appreciation of traditional skills steered me into the trade of blacksmithing.




My Medium

My artistic lines remain informed by the natural world.

Driven by the need to create and express myself in this medium of formidable resistance, I surrender to the old-time practice of balancing function with organic form.

My pieces are one-of-a-kind originals created by re-forging discarded farm and industrial metals by traditional methods.


Mike Desrochers Artist Blacksmith RavenMy Inspiration

The natural world, particularly the farmstead, influence my work.

Old pieces of discarded machinery, works of art in their own right, lend themselves to assemblages of found object and forged sculptures.


Mike Desrochers • Artist Blacksmith • Madawaska Metal Works

A few pieces of my fall 2018 artwork are still available…

Mike Desrochers, Blacksmith Artist • Madawaska Metal Works • Quadeville, Ontario


Mike Desrochers
Artist Blacksmith
Madawaska Metal Works

Madawaska Metal Works

Quadeville • Lower Madawaska Valley • Ontario
mikedesrochers@live.ca • 613-585-2856

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